Wednesday, November 10, 2004

1) I'm watching this musical because I know a girl performing in it. In the middle of one of her scenes, she pushes the guy she's on stage with off the stage, and pulls me up there. Somehow, I know the words and the dance steps. Afterward, I go home to this weird looking apartment I'm sharing with Jimmy and some other guy. I just wanted to go home and take a shower before the next performance. So, after I get out of the shower, I go into the kitchen and there are, like, 15 clocks in there and they're all set to different times. So I'm freaking out and yelling at my roommates because I don't know what time it is or when I have to be back to the theatre.

2) I'm in a hotel room somewhere getting ready to go to sleep. I notice someone has laid out little pieces of cheese in all the corners for the mice. So, I tell the staff, and they decide to dig this big hole in the middle of the room to find all the mice. It ends up being this huge gaping hole in the middle of my room. There's this black lady helping dig, and she's standing on the edge, and the ground caves in beneath her. I start to fall in, too, but I crawl out. She's laying face down in the dirt, and she says she's okay, but I'm worried the other side is going to cave in. So, I'm really frantic and looking around for a rope to pull her out.

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