Monday, November 08, 2004

1) I'm going to some kind of college that specializes in song writing. I don't live in the dormitory, but I'm walking through there and Mike Flickinger and Mike Cole are playing frisbee in the hallway, so I stop for a while to chat and toss the frisbee. I leave there and go back to my apartment, and my roommate is packing up all his stuff. He wants to move out because he says I'm too loud, so I convince him to stay for the rest of the semester. I leave there, and go to my job as a clerk in some big department store. Heath Schexnider works there, too, and when we get there, we notice the entire staff is there because the manager is really incompetent, and has scheduled everyone for the same shift. I look up and notice the store doesn't have a roof, and the sky is really neat looking, so I point it out to everyone. Everyone is looking up in awe of all the stars, and Heath and I start making out.

2) I'm riding in a car with Johnny Depp, and he's telling me all about what is was like making the movie "Ed Wood."

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