Sunday, November 07, 2004

1) I'm digging a trench in this meadow that's totally surrounded by forest. There are other people out there working, too, and we see the clouds overhead start to swirl around. I start to run toward a building, but Jeni-Bomb tells me there's not enough time to get there, so, for some reason, I run into the woods. The tornado touches down and it's kinda chasing me all over. I end up finding this dormitory-like building, so I go inside. I'm running around inside the dorm telling people to take cover because there's a tornado outside, and I see Beka and Nina. They are both back in Misawa just to hang out with each other for a while. They'd been in town for a week, and I kinda feel disappointed they hadn't called me yet.

2) I'm riding with my Dad on his boat, and we're in some kind of harbour or something, and we're being towed out into the lake by a bigger boat. There are lots of other boats around, and the harbour is really crowded. We start going faster, and I fall into the water. I'm holding onto a rope, and I keep going under the water, and I'm worried that one of the boats behind us is going to run over me. I somehow get back into the boat, and we get out into the lake. My Dad wants to ski, so he pulls out his skis and the rope. I'm kinda nervous because I've never driven the boat while someone is skiing before.

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