Friday, November 12, 2004

1) Paul, Trish, Jeni-Bomb, Kerry, Caleb and I all get into Caleb's car to go see some kind of big Japanese monument or something. On the way back, we have to drive over this really tall, narrow bridge. As we're driving over it, I start to get really worried there might be an earthquake while we're on the bridge. I don't tell anyone how worried I am, but I can't keep from looking over the side and peering all the way down to the water. We finally make it to the other side, and stop to go to the bathroom. As we're walking around the rest stop, there are some little street peddlers trying to get us to by some cheap trinkets, and they won't leave us alone. So Trish holds up some kind of doll or something like she's selling it, so the peddlers will leave us alone.

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