Tuesday, October 14, 2008

1) I'm on base and some kind of exercise is going on, but I'm not really playing in it. I'm really hungry and I see a carload of girls going to lunch together, so I ask if I can hop in. I get inside, and they're all really funny and telling jokes and stuff. We get to a big cafeteria, and I sit at a table. I'm waiting for the girls to sit down, and there are a couple guys at a nearby table being really obnoxious. I think that maybe I should go beat one of them up, but they're both much bigger than me. Then I think it won't matter if I get beat up because they were the ones being rude and I will get sympathy from the girls. We go back outside and we're going to go back to work, but someone's car needs to be towed, so we're trying to find out how to tie the cars together. Amy Poehler is there, and I want to tell her this great idea I have for an SNL skit, but I'm sure she hears stuff like that all the time. We end up having, like, seven or eight cars tied together in a big train, but the only thing holding them together is a little magnet. I'm waiting at the exit and I see the first five cars drive by, but the last two or three got left behind.

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