Monday, June 02, 2008

1) It's night time, and I'm in a big hedge maze, but the hedges are pretty low, so I can see around okay. It's big enough to drive my truck through, and there are all kinds of old statues everywhere. Tavia and Theresa are there, and we're looking for Theresa's son, Landon. I keep running into people I know from high school, but I can never talk long to any of them because we're trying to find Landon. We find a bunch of people on a hayride going through the maze, so we jump on board and start looking for Landon. The people on the hayride are kinda surprised, but we tell them we're on a mission. We get back in my truck and head toward this huge mansion on one side off the maze. We get closer and we see Landon playing in one of the rooms on the second story. Theresa says we can go back and talk to my high school friends because she just wanted to know where he was.

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