Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I'm walking around campus at Kentucky Wesleyan. It's getting dark and I need to head home. I get in my truck and drive to some kind of underground ferry. I get out of my car and see Katie Holmes. I start walking with her toward the passenger deck, but I can't get on because I left my ID in my car. Jack Black is there, and he starts making threats toward us. I don't have time to get my ID, so I start wandering around the parking garage part with Katie. Jack is following us, and we're really scared. He keeps getting closer and closer, saying he's going to kill us. Katie runs away, and I turn around just as Jack is getting ready to jump me. I put my hands out and grab his neck. I start strangling him. I'm surprised at how easy it is. He falls over in a corner, dead. I'm so tired I pass out. I wake up and Katie is standing over me. She helps me up and I realise I've been sleeping next to Jack's body. We walk outside and the sun has come up.

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