Tuesday, January 27, 2009

1) I have an apartment somewhere in addition to my house, and Jeff lives next door to me there, as well. Chris, Feddie, and Taylor come over to take me shopping, and as we're walking out the door, Jeff stops and gives me a candle that has all his recreation trips for the year listed. We leave and go to a mall of some sort, and I have on this really tight grey outfit. It's so tight, that it's making my feet skid across the floor, and eventually, I start flying, feet-first. We leave the mall and hop on a train back to my house. The train is crowded, so we get on top, where there are a bunch of other people. The train stops, and we climb down, but we realise the train didn't stop on purpose. It hit something or something is wrong. We go to the front of the train, and someone has put something on the tracks. Another train comes by on the opposite track, but doesn't even slow down.

2) I'm taking some kind of lifeguard class at a big resort. Ethan's girlfriend is there, but I can't remember her name. After the class, we're sitting around talking about what we could do to improve it. I leave and go home, and my parents and a bunch of other people are there. Some old lady is taking a shower in my bathroom. I'm wanting to go meet some friends, so I skip taking a shower. I want to put on some cologne, and I open this big cabinet and there are all these different types of cologne in there, many still in the box and unopened. I'm going through them, and I can't decide which one to wear because they all smell the same. I see one is Rolling Stone cologne (the magazine, not the band), and I figure since they all smell the same, I might as well wear that one.

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