Saturday, October 27, 2007

1) I'm in a loft with the cast of Friends. We're staying there over a weekend and we're all having fun and cracking jokes. I leave and I'm walking across a big parking lot. I go inside another building, and there's a big dining room with a long table down the middle. An old Chinese man is sitting at the front and he's yelling at everyone else in the room. I'm trying not to be seen. Then the Chinese man goes crazy and starts karate chopping everyone and killing them. He's floating over the table and using his sword and there's blood everywhere. I grab one of the guys and we run out of the room. He's wearing all white and he's totally soaked. We go back into the building through another door, and somehow end up in my Church back in Morganfield. I'm pulling this guy through the hallway, and we pass by the choir rehearsal room and all the old people in there are saying, "Hey, look! It's Curt!" I just want to get the other guy to safety. I tell him to hide in the bathroom, and I'm going to see if I can find my parents and get help.

2) I'm going to a spiritual retreat for a week with a bunch of Air Force people. We fly on this huge double-decker plane and the front is completely glass. Nick and I are sitting in the front seat and when we take off, it feels like we're going to go upside down. We get to the camp and everyone's getting settled. It's getting dark, and suddenly this huge wildcat with purple glowing eyes starts running through the camp and eating people. It leaves, and I just want to take a shower. I go to the shower cabin and there are a bunch of people in there. Stephanie is getting into the shower as I'm getting out, but nobody seems to care. I see Afia Malone, who I knew back in Vegas. I start talking to her, but she seems really down. Someone opens up their bag and a big glowing purple rock falls out. Everyone that looks at it disintegrates. Afia calls 911, but the guy on the other line is clueless and Afia says it's because he's white. We leave the shower cabin and I ask Afia how she's been. She says her Mom hasn't been well at all. I'm walking back to my cabin and I hear a bunch of people screaming on the other side of the camp. There's another giant wildcat with the purple glowing eyes eating people. I start running for my cabin and out of the corner of my eye, I see another giant wildcat really close to me. I wonder if I should try to get on top of the cabin and if the wildcat will be able to see me up there.

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