Wednesday, October 24, 2007

1) I'm going through some readiness training out in the middle of the woods. I've got all my gear on, and it's hot and uncomfortable. I'm walking down this path, and I see some readiness people talking. They're laughing and joking, and they tell me I need to take cover. I ask why, and they just laugh. Then a huge bomb goes off and I hit the ground. The readiness people start laughing. After that, we're in a classroom, still in our gear, and I think we're about done for the day. Then the instructor tells us we have another twelve blocks of time. I stand up and start yelling about how none of the readiness people are taking anything seriously and not putting on their gear when they're supposed to or taking cover when bombs hit. He just blows me off, and I tell him I'm gonna fill out a horrible critique.

2) I'm home for Christmas, and my parents and I are driving to my grandparents house on Christmas Eve evening. We get there, and Mom and I are messing around in the car and Dad goes inside. When Mom and I finally go inside, there isn't anyone around. We start calling for everyone, but nobody answers. I'm thinking there's gonna be a big surprise, like my Mom's family is gonna be in from out of town, and they're gonna jump out and surprise us. But nobody does, and we keep walking back in the house. We eventually get to my grandparents bedroom, and I see my cousin Keri lying on the floor, and my Grandma is sitting in a chair next to her. Keri sits up and stares at us, and Grandma starts mumbling something incoherent.

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