Thursday, August 03, 2006

1) I'm at my shop getting ready to deploy. My old supervisor is there, and he's making me really nervous. A bunch of people are standing around talking, and this girl comes in asking if we can help her hoist the sail on her sailboat that's in the parking lot. Some of the guys go out to help, but I have to leave because I'm getting ready to deploy. I go out to my truck, and get in. I start driving, but I stop by this outdoor pharmacy because I want to get a refill on my Claritin before I deploy. The pharmacist is behind this big wooden table with a bunch of chains on it. She looks at my suspiciously and asks a bunch of questions, but ends up giving me my pills anyway. When she does, she puts the bottle on the end of one of the chains and tosses it to me. I get to the desert, and I'm on a convoy to a remote camp. When I get there, I'm talking to all these local Arab people, and they're being nice to me, but they're talking about how much they want to kill Americans. They start hurling all these rubies and emeralds and other jewels at the American camp with slingshots. They ask if I want to, and I decline. At the end of the day, it's time for me to go back to the main camp, but the vehicle I was driving has a flat tire, so they replace it with a tire from a 10-speed bicycle. I start driving, and the 10-speed bicycle tire buckles under the weight, and I go back to camp to see if they have something else for it. This guy from my squadron is there in another vehicle, but he tells me I'm stuck there because I can't go back to the main camp withouth the vehicle I left in.

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