Sunday, July 06, 2008

1) I'm managing a band, and we have a deal set up with a guy who runs a club. The band is supposed to play there, and the club guy is supposed to promote it, but he's backing out on his end of the deal. Meanwhile, I have to go to work on base on a weekend and take care of some wells. I'm driving around base trying to find some chlorine and I get a standby call at the dorm. I get there and I'm looking for a certain dorm room, wondering if it's someone I know. After that, I'm hanging out with Abby and bunch of her friends. We're playing Pictionary, and everything Abby draws has to do with nursing, but nobody can guess what she's drawing because nobody else knows anything about nursing and she's drawing really complicated stuff. After that, we go to a mall, and I walk into a music store and see all these Madonna albums I don't own. I'm wondering how I'd never heard of them before.

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