Wednesday, November 11, 2009

1) I'm at the gym, and I see my Chief. I say hi to her, and she tells me that my deployment has moved up, and that I need to report to the squadron immediately. I grab all my stuff and head to the squadron. Everyone is there, packing all their stuff, and getting ready to ship out. I'm worried because I haven't had a chance to pack or get my house in order. I see Frank and ask him if he's packed, and he says he's not even going on the deployment now. I go back where everyone's bags are, and wonder if someone packed mine for me.

2) I'm driving down the road with someone, and we see a girl pushing her car on the side of the road. We stop and ask if she needs help. We get her car to some old cabin, and she says she just needs gas. I give her my credit card and she says she'll be back in a minute. I tell my friend that I think I can trust this girl, because the last girl I helped ended up stealing my wallet (which may have been from a totally different dream). The girl comes back and puts gas in her car. As she's about to leave, some guys in a big pickup truck try to steal her car. I go outside and try to stop them. Then, somehow, I'm watching all this play out on a video, and this guy is standing behind me narrating, like he's seen it all before. I leave and hop in a bug truck with a bunch of guys, and we go to an apartment where we're all living. I get on Facebook and see that my Mom has logged in. I try to chat with her, but then I turn around and see she's standing right behind me. I get up and give her a hug.

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