Monday, August 20, 2007

1) My Dad and I are in this old abandoned building, and we find all these old papers having to do with the World Trade Center. We start looking through them and think we might have solved some mysteries having to do with 9/11. It starts to get really late, and there are a few other people wandering around the building, so we hide all our research and decide to go home for the evening. I get on a motorcycle and ride it through the building and down the stairs. I'm riding outside when I see some people I know. I stop to talk to them. There's an overpass above us, and we see a car wreck on the overpass, and there are two people in a red Mustang, and the Mustang falls off the overpass. The people inside get thrown out and everyone rushes over. I call 911 and start yelling at everyone not to move anyone, just to see if they're breathing. Jerrilynn Bender is there in a minivan, and she tells me to get in so we can go home.

2) I'm at home talking with Garah, and she's telling me about being a doctor and showing me her cell phone. I decide to quit the military and go back to school so I can be a doctor, too. I'm walking around the hospital with Garah, and we go into this cancer research room and it's really cold. There are a bunch of ladies in there gossiping.

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