Monday, August 13, 2007

1) I'm standing on top of a submarine but it's getting ready to launch, and I jump onto the dock just before it submerges. I walk into the town and I see this really hot black girl, so I start talking to her. She's got diabetes and she keeps giving herself insulin shots in her fingernails. I ask if I can borrow one of the shots, because my truck is making a funny noise and I think the insulin will stop it. I take the syringe and look for a good place to inject it into my truck. I end up putting it in the area right between the windshield and the passenger-side door. I walk the girl back to her apartment, which is right below mine. We start talking about gas stations. I go up to my apartment and I'm fumbling for my keys because I think I'm being followed and I'm really nervous. I finally get inside my apartment and there are two people sleeping on the floor. I'm not sure if I should wake them or not.

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