Tuesday, August 28, 2007

1) I'm visiting Garah, and we're out drinking with a couple of her friends from medical school one night. We want to go home and the guy who's driving is really drunk, but we don't care and get in anyway. He starts driving really erratically, and even clips a couple other cars, but we just keep going. We get pulled over by a cop, and the driver guy gets arrested. Garah and I somehow end up back at her house. We wake up the next morning, and she gives me a tour of her new house that she just bought. It's really amazing and it's on the coast of one of some Greek island. It's kinda messy, and she apologises for her kids leaving toys all over the place. Jon is out of town on business, and she's not sure when he's supposed to get home. The cleaning lady arrives, and I tell Garah I need to leave because I have to work the next day.

2) I'm visiting home and I'm supposed to be playing piano for the Church service. I'm sitting at the bench, and I see my Mom is playing the organ. It's time for the first hymn ("Worthy of Worship"), and when I open up the hymnal, the page for that hymn has been ripped out. I start looking around for another hymnal, but the only one in the piano bench is outdated and doesn't have that hymn. Meanwhile, Mom has started playing and everyone is singing and starting at me wondering why I'm not playing. I look around and see Jeremiah Case sitting in the pew closest to me. I get his attention, and I"m trying to whisper to him to hand me a hymnal out of the pew, but he doesn't understand what I'm saying. Finally, he hands me a hymnal and I open up to the right page. The notes are different from how I remember playing them when I was younger, but I give it a try anyway. I'm only playing a few notes from each measure, but it sounds good enough, and I'm just hoping it's over soon.

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