Monday, October 17, 2005

1) It's Christmas Eve, and I'm at the Hospitality House in Misawa and it looks just like my grandparents' house. I'm playing cards with Amy and Jeremiah, a guy from work. There's nobody else there yet. I start thinking about how much food is in the kitchen because if a bunch of people show up before the next morning, we'll want to have breakfast and the commissary is already closed. Then, Jeni-Bomb comes in from the kitchen, and she's already made pancakes, but she calls them something else. I think it's kind of odd to have pancakes on Christmas Eve, but I'm more concerned if there's any syrup.

2) Alex and I are moving into an apartment together. It's on the 6th floor of a tall building in a big city, and it's kind of in a bad part of town. It's a studio apartment, and we decide to paint it. We place our beds right across from each other, and I start thinking we're never going to get any sleep because every night when we lay down, we'll start talking and then it will be morning.

3) I'm working in an office and I'm frequently running errands. One time, I get back, and there's a new girl working at the desk adjacent to mine. She's very timid and everyone else in the office talks about her. One day, Johnny is going to give her crap, and I stop him. He says he's just trying to make her tougher, but I tell him that if everyone would be nicer, we wouldn't have to be tougher.

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