Thursday, October 27, 2005

1) I'm at a dinner at the Webers' house with a bunch of people, including the Wheelers. It's great to see them again, and we talk and hug a lot. I look over to another table and see Dr. McIver, one of my music professors from college, and his son, Rob. Rob is there because he's taking over the Misawa Hospitality House. I have to go to the bathroom, and when I go in, there's water all over the floor, so I decide I'll try to fix it, but Jack and Lucy keep coming in, and I start talking to them, and other people are wanting to use the bathroom.

2) I'm in New York City taking care of this little puppy. I'm walking around the streets carrying it, trying to find a home for it. I stop in a barber shop and the puppy jumps on the floor and poops. The barber guy doesn't really seem to mind and cleans it all up. I ask him if he'd like to take care of it, but he just stares at me.

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