Sunday, October 02, 2005

1) I'm at my shop, and everyone is talking about the exercise coming up. I'm feeling lucky since all I have to do is guard weapons. Mr. Futakawame, our civilian foreman when I was in Japan, comes in and he's really upset because one of the GI bosses quit. Futa tries to give the tool belt, which signifies leadership, to me, but I don't want it, either. I give it back to him, and he runs off. I tell him I want to move to another shop. I go get in the shower, but when I get out, I can't find my clothes, so I walk around the shop naked. I'm worried that if I move shops, I won't be able to guard weapons for the exercise and they'll make me wear chem gear. I leave the shop and find myself in the suburb of the house in Morganfield. I start walking to the house, but there are lots of people out, and I'm worried they'll call the cops on me. I start running toward our house, which takes a while because a lot of people around have fences and I don't want to climb over them while I'm naked. I get to the house and realise I have no way of getting inside, so I run to the pine trees behind the next door neighbour's house, so I can hide there until I can figure out what to do. As I'm getting closer, I can feel myself waking up, and I start to float in the air.

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