Saturday, October 29, 2005

1) I'm at the house in Morganfield. My parents are there, but they have to leave to go get my grandparents, who are coming over for dinner. Mom asks me to clean up and start dinner. After they're gone, I'm working on cleaning up, but these zombie children start walking around in the yard, and I'm worried they'll get in and try to bite me. Mom and Dad get back, and they're kinda upset because I haven't gotten much done. I try to explain to them about the zombie children, but they don't believe me.

2) I'm in some kind of mental institution (possibly because of the zombie children story?), but it's in a cabin in the woods. I'm in this really long bay with about 20 other people, mostly guys, but there are a few girls. An orderly comes through every so often to feed us, but he's really mean and makes fun of us. One time he comes through and tells us he's been mixing human flesh into the food. He tells me one of the people he killed was "Katie" who he thought was my girlfriend. I told him I didn't date anyone named Katie, and we all jump out of our beds and tackle him and tie him up. We go out back and try to get someone to rescue us.

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