Saturday, October 15, 2005

1) I'm in this huge stadium, but I'm not sure if we're there to watch some kind of sporting event or a concert or what. I'm sitting next to this girl and I think we're on a date, but she starts talking about this other guy. Then, there's this detective walking around because there's been a murder, and the girl I'm with knows the person that was killed. I'm walking around trying to find the crime scene. I walk back to my seat, and the girl tells me to leave, because I can't really do any good. I go to the dorm on base, and I'm waiting for Brian, one of my troops, to call because he needs help moving.

2) I'm driving through New Orleans (although it looks strangely like Morganfield) at night in a '57 Chevy convertible. The streets are wet and there are only a few street lights working. Sean "Diddy" Combs is driving another '57 Chevy right next to me, and we're kind of racing, but I end up passing him. I drive out into the country and end up at a condo owned by this old lady. I stay at her place and take care of her cat while she goes back to her winter home for a while. I leave the condo and start driving out in the country, but it's still dark outside and even with the bright lights on, I can't really see very far in front of me. I get really nervous, so I stop and turn around and hope I can make it back to the condo without having a wreck.

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