Sunday, December 28, 2008

1) I'm in a college class, and it ends. I'm walking out to my truck, and I overhear a group of guys talking about Mad Men. I haven't seen it, but I strike up a conversation with them anyway. I ask if they need a ride somewhere, and they do. There are four of them and two girls, and we all somehow cram into my truck. We start driving and I check what's playing on my iPod. It's Allison Eastwood, who I didn't even know sang. We're driving through what sort of looks like Morganfield, and then it kinda looks like Henderson. There are trees down all over, like a storm just came through. I'm driving really crazy, swerving and going off the road and stuff. I think everyone in the car is kinda scared, but I don't care.

2) I'm meet up with Sherry, a girl I went to college with. She needs a ride somewhere, so I pick her up at her house. We're in the white LeBaron. She asks if she can drive, so I start to get out, but she just sits on my lap. We start to drive on a dirt road, and there's a big mud puddle, and I wonder if the car will make it through.

3) I'm in some kind of sci-fi movie with a hot chick and maybe Sylvester Stallone. We on a space ship and we've been captured by some aliens. They have us in a cage made of lasers, and we're trying to figure a way out. We have two bath robes, and we know how to turn off the cage. There are two guys that come in periodically that are trying to help us, too. The hot chick has a map of the space ship, but there are aliens walking all over the place, so we're not sure we can get out undetected.

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smacky said...

Strange dreams. Lots of driving and loss of control (or control being taken from you). Interesting. I have lots of dreams about being in college. It's weird. Probably because of all the college peeps on Facebook lately. I also have had dreams in the past of being chased and having to keep track of a group of people who were being chased with me. Very stressful! Anyway, it's funny I was in your dream! I wonder if we made it through the puddle?