Friday, December 12, 2008

1) Abby, Charis, a few other people, and I are supposed to be installing a water line in this big boiler room. It's going to be a difficult job because we're going to have to jack up some concrete and trench. Then we find this control panel that makes part of the floor disappear, and we're all happy because it will make our job much easier. We're trying to lay the pipe in the trench, and someone decides we need a break, so they put on some old Ben Stiller movie. I leave the job site and end up in some kind of Christian assembly in a big auditorium. There are people singing on stage, and it's pretty good. I want to go get Abby and Charis, but I don't want to miss anything. I look around, and I see that they've already arrived, so we sit in the floor and enjoy the music. After it's over, I'm trying to get outside, but it's really crowded. I start climbing up the wall to a really high window, but once I get to it, it won't open. I somehow get outside, and I can't find Abby or Charis. I start walking down the road, and I find a bunch of Transformers in the grass. I start trying to transform them, but they're the new ones and they're really complicated.

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