Thursday, December 04, 2008

1) I go home, and my Dad is in the garage working on this really cool, futuristic-looking motorcycle. Mom comes home for lunch just as some other guy comes along because he wants to buy Dad's motorcycle. Dad tells me to let this guy ride it around the yard for a while, and to watch him to make sure he actually knows how to ride. He and Mom go inside. The guy starts riding around the yard. It gets really windy and I'm looking up at the sky watching these really cool cloud formations move really fast across the sky. Parts of the clouds start to break off and form into angels. The angels come down and start walking along the Earth. One stops right in front of me and says, "We don't want you in Heaven, but we don't want you in Hell, either." Then she gives me a Glasgow smile. She repeats her phrase, and I fall to the ground, bleeding.

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