Friday, December 26, 2008

1) I'm at some kind of bike race in California, and there's an 80-year-old lady racing. I'm standing near the finish line, and the old lady crashes right before she crosses. The crash looks really bad, but she gets right up and walks across and everyone cheers. There's a TV crew there, and they're interviewing a girl whose husband just lost his job, but they want to travel Europe, so I tell them if they're ever in Italy, they can stay with me.

2) I'm at some kind of boarding school in Italy. It's really small, and looks like it used to be a house. I'm walking around inside, and asking one of the teachers questions about it. There's a couple sneaking around, and I'm kinda following them, but still wanting to see the school. I go down some stairs and end up in a big mall. I see the same couple waiting for the train, but decide to do some shopping because it's after Christmas now and there are bound to be some good sales.

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