Saturday, December 27, 2008

1) I'm a freshman in college, but this time, I'm going to a huge university that's right next to a beach. I'm taking a language course, and there's homework for it every night. Every morning before I go to class, I stop by the bookstore and buy a notebook because I'm not sure if I have one. The bookstore is always very busy. I somehow got a job coaching the women's indoor soccer team, and I recruited Garah. We score a goal in our first game, but I think we might have had too many players on the field. I'm walking to class one morning, and I decide to take the long way by the beach, and there are two guys walking behind me talking about drums. I stop by one of the dorms to walk with one of the girls in my class, and Michael Cera is walking with her, too. I see a poster that says I'm running for freshman class president, and I'm wondering how many other people are running.

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