Thursday, April 03, 2008

1) I'm a little kid again, and I'm riding in a hot air balloon with my Dad. We're going all over the area around our house, and he's telling me all kinds of stories of things that have happened there in the past. I look down and see that we're right over a big swimming pool. Dad starts taking us lower, but something happens and we descend really quick. We hit the water and go really deep. I start to wonder if we're going to live and if Dad will be able to save us.

2) I'm going to work, and after I get on base, I stop at the shoppette to grab a coffee and a pastry. I'm waiting in line, and Kylie Minogue is in there. I'm trying not to stare, but she's really gorgeous. I'm waiting in line to pay, and this other guy comes up and keeps giving me flyers for concerts and other things he's selling. Kylie is in line right behind me and she starts dancing around and gets really close to me. Then she starts licking my face and grabbing my junk. We're dancing and talking. I think she's trying to sell something, but I keep dancing anyway. She's basically on top of me, and I'm wondering how long this has gone on. I grab my phone and see that the time is 7:19, so I drop Kylie and run outside because I'm late for work. When I get outside, there are a bunch of cops running around in field gear. They tell me to get on the ground because we're getting attacked. I reach in my pocket to grab my keys and see that I've left them inside. It's raining, and I lay in the mud, but it's surprisingly warm. I wish I could have made it to my car, but at least now I won't get in trouble for being late.

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