Tuesday, April 15, 2008

1) I'm on some kind of retreat, but I'm not sure if it's Church- or military-related. We're in a field, playing games and stuff. That evening, we're gathered in a building with a bunch of windows. Amber Lauer and I start talking about how there was a bunch of garbage around and how nobody picked up after themselves. She looks out the window behind me and gasps. I turn around and, off in the distance, I see this guy with a big pumpkin head and there's stuff exploding all around him. We all look out the window. When he sees us, he pours something in a little cup and throws it. It hits the side of the building we're in and it blows up. Nobody is hurt, but everyone is panicking. He runs away, but still keeps throwing these little explosives at us. None of them hit us again.

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