Thursday, April 10, 2008

1) I'm staying in a hotel on a base somewhere, and it's time for me to check out. There were some other people staying in the same room as me, but they've already left. I go to the front desk, and the lady there tells me I have to have my room checked before I can leave. I go outside and walk around the back side of the building and take an outdoor elevator up to my floor. I have to crawl in a window to get to my room, and when I get there, the lady tells me I'm good to go, but I have to turn in my key. I tell her I've already turned in my key, and she says she'll have to go check. I go back to the front desk, and there's another lady working there who has made some pastries and she's really nice. I ask her if I can leave, and she says it's okay. I walk out the door and walk into a downtown market area. Amy Nelson is there, and she's dyed her hair black and grey. I talk to her for a minute, and then Paris Hilton comes and sits on my lap. At first, I'm kinda excited, but I don't want people thinking I'm the kind of guy who sucks up to Paris Hilton, so I throw her off my lap, and start walking out of town.

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