Sunday, March 16, 2008

1) I'm at some kind of family gathering. My grandparents are there, and so is Charis Young. But everyone else is from the cast of Roseanne. I think they're having a party for me, but I'm getting overwhelmed, and keep going to the bathroom and sitting on the floor. A girl from the party comes into the bathroom, and she's really attractive, and I'm not sure where I know her from. We start talking and end up making out. While we're making out, Charis walks in and gets really upset. I go back to the party and everyone's angry with me and leaving. I follow the Roseanne people back to a big apartment building next to an airport. They're still very angry with me and go to bed, but I stay up. I'm looking out the window toward the airport, and I'm watching the planes land and take off. This really huge plane is coming in for a landing, and it looks like it's starting to take off again, and then it crashes. The explosion is huge and is knocking buildings over. Our apartment building is really close and I'm wondering if it's going to get knocked over. I go into the other bedroom and wake up John Goodman, but he doesn't care. I go back to the window and just as I get there, the whole apartment building starts to fall over.

2) I'm in Italy, and I go to some kind of amusement park. I decide to walk home and take a shortcut through a little park. I see Michelle Pfeiffer sitting on a blanket and Cate Blanchett walking down a path that crosses mine. I smile politely and say hi. I cross the street and there are lots of cars coming, but they all stop for me. After I cross the street, I'm walking by a fence. I stretch out my arm and touch the fence, but as soon as I touch it, it gets really hard to walk. My legs get really stiff, and I'm trying to pull myself along by the fence.

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