Tuesday, March 11, 2008

1) I'm watching a music awards show on television, and there are tons of great bands there. The venue isn't very big, and they're all sitting at tables. The President comes out to make a speech, and when the camera pans the audience, they're all making faces and rolling their eyes. I see Peaches there, and she's crawling on the table and pouring water on herself. I think it's awesome and wish I was there, and suddenly, I'm at the ceremony sitting in a big chair in the middle of the room. Franz Ferdinand comes out to play, and when the Alex comes out, he trips and falls. Then, every time another band comes out to play, someone from the band falls down, and it's a big joke the rest of the evening.

2) Something having to do with a big chair in my parents' living room, and there's some orange candy that fell down between the cushions. For some reason, my Mom thinks it's mouse poop, and she freaks out when I reach in a grab it, but I keep telling her it's just candy. I also find lots of other stuff like a tape measure and catalogues.

3) My family and Garah come to visit me in Italy, and it's the same week that a bunch of my friends from SLC come to visit. I tell all my friends I'll meet them at the mall because I'm not sure my parents would get along with my friends. But when I go to the mall to meet them, I bring my parents and Garah along. We stop outside the mall, and they want to have a picnic because Garah has baked a cake for me. We're trying to eat, but my SLC friends keep calling and asking for directions because they've never driven in Italy before and don't know where to go.

4) I'm watching an episode of Six Feet Under, but the cast is totally different. Sally Field is the mom and Christina Ricci plays a cousin who comes to stay with them. There's also an infant they've taken custody of, but the infant's natural grandmother wants the baby back. Christina Ricci keeps arguing with the brother and sister, and Sally Field goes outside because the grandmother just drove up. I'm standing in the yard watching the two ladies fight, and I look on the ground and see this little orange glowing light. I look at the house, and a big bomb goes off, blowing up the inside of the house. Both ladies and I are blown out into the yard. I get up and I hear Sally Field crying for the baby.

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