Friday, March 14, 2008

1) Jerry Howard and I are walking through the mall in Owensboro. We pass by some guys that are selling bicycles, and they're trying really hard to get us to buy one. While they're talking to us, I look over and see the store I used to work at while I was in college, and Cindy Collier is still working there. I brush off the bike salesmen, and Jerry and I walk in to see Cindy. She gives me a hug and immediately starts talking about all the guys that are asking her out. I'm assuming she's gotten a divorce, but I don't want to ask outright. She keeps talking, and eventually gets around to why she divorced her husband. She talks about how he's now a music teacher and he's never home and she couldn't handle it anymore. She even gets her work schedule and shows it to me as evidence that she works all the time because her husband is never home. I feel bad for her, and I want to talk to her, but she won't shut up about her divorce. I look at Jerry and he rolls his eyes and leaves the store. I'm trying to slowly inch my way out of the store, but every time I get close, Cindy grabs me by the arm and pulls me back in.

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