Sunday, November 30, 2008

1) I'm helping with a children's Sunday School class at my old Church in Morganfield. The main teacher keeps asking me for ideas for games or lessons for the kids. After Sunday School, I'm waiting in the parking lot for my Mom, and I set up my iPod right in the middle, so people can listen to music on their way to the worship service. The teacher comes by again asking for lesson ideas. Mom comes out and I tell her I don't really want to go to worship. She says I don't have to, but she's going to go anyway. I song with bad lyrics comes on my iPod, so I run up and try to shut it off, but it won't turn off, so I throw it in the back of Chris Thompson's car. I go into the service, even though they've already started, and sit down. There's a guy next to me in the pew in a hockey outfit. I get home before Mom, and I'm sitting in my room. I go to look for something to eat in the pantry, and I see a bunch of old spray paint cans. I take them into the basement and start spraying them to get rid of whatever is inside so I can take them to the recycling plant. Dad comes home and I tell him what I'm doing. He acts really depressed and goes into his bedroom. I hear a bunch of motorcycles outside, so I look out my bedroom window and see a big biker gang in the driveway of Mr. Clements's house across the street. They see me looking at them and they take off.

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