Saturday, November 29, 2008

1) I'm in a deployed location somewhere, and it's raining really hard. I'm walking around camp with some guys in my shop. We stop at finance, and they tell me that when I get my utility bills, I have to go to the home fuels office to pay it. I tell them that I have automatic payments out of my Italian bank account, but they say it doesn't matter. I'm wondering if this is why my last bill was so high. We leave finance and we're walking into a restricted area of the base. There's a really cute girl working the gate, and one of my friends tries to hit on her. She tells him it's not working and that she won't let us in, so I tell her in a very non-threatening way to let us in. She thinks about it for a while, and starts to open the gate, but then her commander comes along and pushes her down.

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