Sunday, September 14, 2008

1) My Mom is taking pilot lessons and she's about to get her license. I'm on a really small plane with her and three or four other people. Mom is flying it, and we're taking off from the airport. There are tons of other planes all over the place, and Mom is having a hard time getting clearance from the tower. They finally give her the go-ahead, and we're going down the runway. She has to manoeuvre around all these other aircraft. Suddenly, I'm in a car following Mom's plane through downtown Morganfield. She's flying really low and can't get through all the power lines. The plane crashes right across the street from our Church. I speed over and pull everyone out of the plane. They're all fine, and Mom is really angry because she was doing what the tower told her to do, but they didn't give her enough time to gain altitude over the city. She hops in the car with me and we go to the police station. Dad is there, and he says the cops have to put everyone in the plane in jail for 30 minutes.

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