Saturday, September 13, 2008

1) I'm in a hospital operating room with a bunch of doctors. A new guy in my squadron, Bob, is laying unconsious on the operating table. The doctors ask me if he's ready for his operation, and I tell them I've taken all the change out of his pockets. One of the doctors starts putting all these paper towels around his chest, I'm guessing to soak up blood when he cuts Bob open. He does some other prep work, and then all this change starts falling out of Bob's pockets. All the doctors glare at me, like I didn't do what I was supposed to do. I get the rest of the change out of his pockets, and then the doctors tell me to just go ahead and take his pants off. So another guy and I take off his pants. Then the doctor asks me if I want to make the first incision. So I take the knife and I make a cut in Bob's chest, and it doesn't feel like I thought it would. After that, the doctor says we have to put Bob on the floor for a minute, and I think, "Well, that can't be very sanitary." But I do what the doctor tells me anyway.

2) I'm hanging out with some guys from work at a barbecue in a park. We're talking about what happened the night before at the bar, but I wasn't there, so I'm just listening to their stories. I see Pat Fawcett walk by and wonder if he recognises me. Aaron starts talking about how he tried to text Steven, but Steven never responded. Then he punches in some numbers on his phone and this big fire ball comes out of the sky and hits the tree next to us. Everyone starts laughing about it, but I'm thinking, "Wow! That was really close!" Then they all start punching numbers into their cell phones and all these big fire balls start falling. I'm running all over trying not to get hit by one of them, and run beneath a shelter.

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