Sunday, February 26, 2006

1) I'm home visiting family, and my family and Garah's family are all going out to brunch together. We go to a restaurant, and as we're waiting in the lobby, I notice that my Mom has gotten really fat. We're walking to our table and I think I see Sue Shouse, a lady who went to my Church when I was growing up. I go ahead and sit down anyway. We're looking at the menu, and I look over and see Donna Jo Mason, and her daughters, Laura and Camille, sitting with Sue. I tell my Dad what to order for me, and go over and talk to them. Donna Jo refers to Laura as "Cavanar," but I think that maybe she got married to a guy who's last name is "Cavanaugh," but that's just the way she pronounces it in her Kentucky accent. Laura tells me she's engaged, and shows me her ring. I start talking to Camille, and I want to ask about her kids, but the only one I can remember is Tyler, even though I know she has three. And I can't remember her married name, either.

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