Friday, May 01, 2009

1) I'm eating with some friends at a Chili's, and after we're done, I walk into the basement to try and find the recipes for everything on their menu. While I'm down there, a server comes in a catches me. I tell her I'm just looking for the nutritional information for their food, and we talk about some other stuff. There are a bunch of edible flowers down there, and she gives me some.

2) Something involving two fighting helicopters, and I'm the pilot on one of them, and we keep shooting guns at the other one.

3) I'm a back-up singer for Billy Joel. We're rehearsing for a concert in Italy. I'm not sure where I'm supposed to walk on the stage, and a lot of the songs don't sound familiar at all to me. I leave the rehearsal, and I'm walking around the city. A little girl starts following me, and I lead her into a girl scout meeting. I wait by the door, and all the other girl scouts start coming out. There are some robbers around the corner, so I wait for the girls' parents to come because I don't want the robbers to get them. I keep walking around the city, and I feel like an old man because I can't walk very fast at all. I see some teenage kid pull a gun on a mechanic in a garage, and I yell at him to stop.

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