Monday, May 18, 2009

1) I'm at work, and Garah is working with me. We have some kind of a dig, and we hit a comm line. We go to comm and the girl we talked to on the phone is sitting in her office. We go in to tell her we hit the line, but as soon as we get there, she leaves. We try to chase her down. Garah starts running after her, and I go back to the van to clean it out. I go back to the shop and I'm trying to get the wasps out of the back of the van. Garah's parents and my parents are in the shop making a bunch of food. Apparently, there's some kind of big pot-luck lunch going on, and I've made some kind of fruit salad. Bill gets a call saying something about someone who's had a heart attack and he asks me when Garah will be back.

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