Friday, April 08, 2005

1) I'm with Russell Crowe on a big ship (like in Master & Commander) and the ship is sinking because the crew hit it with their own cannons. The ship sinks and everyone is happy and laughing.

2) I'm a guest on David Letterman along with Janet Jackson, and it's the day of the show and I'm walking around the studio. I tried to get on an elevator with Janet, but the doors closed too fast. Suddenly, I'm a black guy and I have really long hair. I'm getting my hair and make-up done before the show, and the lady is trying to make my hair look really funky, but it doesn't work, which is good because I don't like it anyway. Now I look like myself again, and I finally run into Janet and tell her I totally intend to buy her new album, but I'm in the military and in the middle of deploying to Iraq and all I brought was my iPod. I'm hoping for some major sympathy in the form of a free CD or autograph or kiss, but she just looks at me and smiles and says "thanks." Also, the whole dream is interspersed with scenes from the movie "Mumford," which I've never seen.

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