Tuesday, February 10, 2009

1) I'm deployed somewhere with Corey and Stan. My music theory professor from college is there, too, and he keeps quizzing us on all this music history. There's also this giant metal wheel, and think it's going to roll over and squash us. The plane comes to take us back to the States, and it lands on top of a water tower. This ladder lowers down, and we all climb up into the plane. It's really crowded with other people going back to the States, and I find an empty seat next to Clark Rothrock. We take off and then stop in some resort town so everyone can use the bathroom and get something to eat. Joann is there, and we're not hungry, but we just want to get a bottle of water, but none of the places we stop have any water. I see a little kid by himself, so I ask him where his parents are. He leads me down by the ocean, and I realise I have to get back on the plane. I get back on the plane, and we don't have enough room to take off, so the pilot guides the plane onto the tracks of a roller coaster, which gives us enough momentum to get airborne.

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