Friday, April 16, 2004

1) I'm on my way to Iraq and several of us are staying in a hotel and trying to order pizza because we don't want to walk across the street to the Waffle House. Tim Linder is there.

2) I'm at some resort or something at the top of a mountain with my Mom and we're getting ready to leave when we see a bunch of military people arrive. We hide and they don't see us. We get in the car and speed to the house in Morganfield. We're getting the dog and grabbing a few things because we're really scared the military guys will come after us. The car is in the back yard for some reason, and I'm trying to persuade the dog to get in the car so we can take off.

3) I'm in Vegas staying with Jim, but he's married to Jen Price and this other guy lives there, too. We're all trying to go to sleep one night, but we can't so we decide to go for a swim in their indoor pool. I'm swimming underwater and I see a big grate at the bottom of the pool. I swim down to it and get caught in the suction. I'm trying to wave my hands around, but the water is too deep and nobody can see me, and I start to drown.

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