Monday, March 07, 2005

1) I'm helping teach a bunch of people how to swim. One of the other teachers is Tania, and we're standing by the side of the pool talking while all the students are in the water. One of the students is a little older, and I look over and see her getting out of the water, so I walk over and ask her what the problem is. She says she's upset because she's older than the others but can't seem to pick up the technique as well, so I give her a little pep talk and she gets back in.

2) I'm moving into a dorm room, and by some mistake, they've put four people, two of which are girls, in the same room, which is meant for only two people. The other guy in the room is Brad, so he and I start thinking of ways to build a loft into the room so everyone has a place to sleep. We start playing around with guns and shooting at each other, but not really intending to hurt anyone. Then a bunch of FBI agents bust in and interrogate us regarding what we think about the cast of ALF.

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