Tuesday, March 15, 2005

1) I'm on tour with the choir in college, and we're staying overnight at this cabin in the woods. There's a really scary monster outside, so everyone's really afraid. A girl and a guy start fighting, and she grabs his shoe and throws it out the door, but he doesn't want to go get it because he's afraid he'll get eaten by the monster.

2) I'm sitting in the kitchen in the house in Morganfield watching Alanis Morrisette sing at some awards show on television, and my Mom comes in and she's been crying, so I ask her what's wrong, and she won't tell me. So I keep asking her and she finally says that she and Dad have been thinking about having another child and they were supposed to have a doctor's appointment the next day, but my Dad couldn't get out of work. So, I hug her and tell her how awesome it would be if they had another child, but whatever's best.

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