Wednesday, March 02, 2005

1) I'm on this big trip through the mountains with everyone from the Hospitality House. We're all in a big bus and the roads are really curvy and everytime we go around a sharp curve, I keep thinking the bus is going to fall over the side. We stop at a rest stop because Jean-Marie has to pee. I get an e-mail on my phone from Don, who is waiting at our destination, asking where we are and how long until we get there. I write him back saying we should be there in a couple hours. We get back on the bus and the trip seems to be taking a lot longer than a couple hours. We finally get there, and we're in this big city and Melissa is there. We go into a bar and Melissa starts riding a mechanical bull.


Jean-Marie said...
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Jean-Marie said...

OK, my small bladder has a reputation, but come on, even in your dreams? Reminds me of when Trish hid my water bottle coming home from skiing.

And next time, could you dream me onto the bull? That would be so fun.