Thursday, June 09, 2005

1) I'm in college and I'm playing volleyball with a bunch of people, and all I'm wearing is underwear and a sweatshirt. The game ends, and I go across the street to my dorm room. There's a package laying on my bed from Alex's parents. Inside, I find a t-shirt and a Transformer watch that has this big toy gun sticking out of it.

2) I'm in a band that's playing at a festival inside a big train station. My parents are driving me to the station and parking is really confusing. I get out of my parents' car, and go get into another car where Sleater-Kinney is hanging out. We start talking and I mention that I saw them at a festival in Indio, California, which was the same show where Sonic Youth got all their equipment stolen. We keep hanging out in their car, and I have my computer with me, but it starts acting funny. Then I show them my cool Transformers watch that Alex's parents sent me. I wonder if I should start talking to them about Jesus.

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