Monday, June 20, 2005

1) I'm shopping in a big mall with my Dad and Caleb Wendt. I stop to look at some sunglasses, but I can't find a decent pair. They're all really weird or funny coloured or something. When I look up, Dad and Caleb are gone, so I walk around the mall searching for them. I find Dad, but I think he's kind of upset that we all got separated. He tells me to stay right there, and he's going to go look for Caleb, but as soon as he leaves, Caleb walks up from the other direction.

2) I'm in this weird town and everyone seems to be hiding some kind of secret. I'm walking around and whenever I try to talk to anyone, they act really suspicious. I go out into the country to this old abandoned house, and Gilbert Gottfried is there. He tells me to go up onto the balcony. I walk up the stairs and Tim Allen and Tom Hanks are up there. Tim is trying to tell everyone about a book he wrote that exposes all these weird secrets in the town, but nobody will listen to him.

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