Wednesday, December 14, 2005

1) I'm at work, and everyone decides to go to the chow hall for lunch. We get there, and all the tables are already marked b people putting their hats on them. We get our food, and come back to find that all the hats are still there, but nobody is sitting down yet. I get really frustrated and start throwing people hats off of tables. After lunch, I'm walking down a hallway and get pulled into a room by Billy Bob Thornton and Tim Robbins. Don is there, too, and Billy Bob and Tim are trying to get him to run for President. We're talking and suddenly, Tim starts making out with Don. Billy Bob gets jealous and pulls out a big knife and kills them both. I just kinda stand there, and grab my hat and walk out. I'm nervous because there's blood all over my clothes and I'm trying to cover it up. I go into a store and pick up a soda and nobody says anything about the blood.

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