Monday, December 26, 2005

1) I'm at work and I overhear a bunch of guys saying they're going to break into the shop and steal a bunch of stuff. I tell them I want to help, so we all plan on when to meet that night. I get to the shop and it's dark and everyone else is already there. I start feeling bad, so I go into the back of the shop and lay on the couch. I fall asleep and wake up the next morning. Everyone else is already at work and they're all freaking out about all the stuff that has been stolen. They ask me if I know anything, but I don't because I was asleep the whole time. I walk outside and Ellen Degeneres is there, and she's offering me moral support and we have a great conversation.

2) I'm in high school and getting ready to graduate. Everyone in my class is walking out to the football field for practice. I'm relieved that I'm not involved in any extra-curicular activities so I can just follow everyone else. The guy standing next to me is this big football player, and he's really dumb, and I'm nervous he's going to walk the wrong way and I'm just going to follow him.

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