Tuesday, February 06, 2007

1) I'm at my Grandparents' house for Christmas and everyone has opened their presents. My brother got a new snowmobile, and he lets me take it for a ride. I get back and he's really drunk and there are beer bottles all over the place. We leave and go to some big house party, and this girl there asks me if I'm hungry. She gives me a pill and tells me to give her twenty bucks. I take the pill and we all start hallucinating. I want to go back to my Grandparents' house, so we get in my car. As we're driving down the road, all the other cars start transforming into robots. I know I'm hallucinating and that it isn't real, but I get really scared because I'm thinking all the robots are chasing us. I start hitting all these random buttons in the car, and then my car goes invisible. We take this dirt road off to the side in hopes of evading all the robots. When we re-appear, my car doesn't look anything like it did before. We get back to my Grandparents' house, and there's a big party going on and all the girls from the other party are there, and they're taking their clothes off. There's a really hot girl in a bikini, and I start licking her belly-button.

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